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Educating for a Blue Future

Our goal is to support educators as they teach about water and the water crisis, by providing a variety of low prep, ready to use, free, engaging, and age appropriate lessons across the curriculum for students of all ages.

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Mission statement

We are a diverse community of educators dedicated to the protection of the planet’s water and promoting the human right to water.

Blue Water Schools: What, Why, and How

What is a Blue Water School?

A Blue Water School has committed to teaching about the global water crisis and the human right of all to clean water.

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Why become a Blue Water School?

Our planet’s freshwater is in deep trouble making it crucial to teach our youth that our limited supplies of water are precious and need our protection.

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How to become a Blue Water School.

A school becomes a Blue Water School by making three pledges to:

  1. Educate about water and the need to protect it.
  2. Educate about the universal human right to clean water.
  3. Educate about the harm plastics cause to water.

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“The Blue Water Schools Network is a program that all educators will love. Designed by teachers for teachers, this program has students learning about the looming water crisis in a hugely engaging way. And, despite Blue Water Schools Network’s extensive library of lesson plans, articles, videos and more, it’s all free!”
– Joel Westheimer, Professor at the University of Ottawa and Education columnist for CBC Radio
“The imaginative and thoughtful lessons provided by the Blue Water Schools Network will help young people understand how essential water is for all living things and all human societies past, present, and future.”
– Stephen Leahy, Environmental Journalist and Author


Check out the wide range of resources such as videos, articles, books, and documentaries that will support your learning and teaching.

Lesson Plans

Free, ready to use, engaging lesson plans!


Articles and Reports

Stay current on the world’s water situation with the most poignant and relevant articles right here – updated regularly!



Dig deeper into some of the most informative websites by a variety of organizations and institutions whose goals are aligned with the Blue Water Schools Network.


Videos & Documentaries

Expand your own knowledge and support student learning around water with this selection of videos and documentaries.



Browse the various age appropriate bibliographies, featuring some of the most exceptional books that support BWSN’s three pledges.


Lesson Plans

Each one-page BWSN lesson plan begins with a piece of media (a book, image, video, article, documentary, etc.) which acts as a springboard into an engaging lesson or activity. Our goal is to do the prep for you, so you can just print and go.  Whatever your lesson planning needs, we’re here for you!


Blue Floats Away

By Travis Jonker
An engaging and gentle introduction to the water cycle and climate change.


Visual Arts, Language Arts, Science


Primary (K-3) / Junior (4-6)


1 – Protection of Water


The Water Princess

By Susan Verde
Based on the childhood experiences of Georgie Badiel getting water for her village, these lessons help students understand the challenges and inequities faced by children who live without access to clean water.


Language Arts, Math, Drama, Phys. Ed., Social Studies, Geography


Primary (K-3) / Junior (4-6) / Intermediate (7-8) / Senior (9-12)


2 – Human Rights

Homepage Blue Schools Network

4.2 billion

people are without safely managed sanitation

Over 2 billion

people are forced to drink contaminated water every day

By 2030

global demand for freshwater will outstrip supply by 40%

Since 2000

Canada has experienced the worst floods and droughts in its history

Only 9%

of Canada’s plastic waste is recycled

For 25 years

some First Nations in Canada have not had safe drinking water or sanitation