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Nous sommes heureux de partager les témoignages d’éducateurs et d’étudiants sur l’impact de l’initiative REEB

“The Blue Schools Network is a program that all educators will love. Designed by teachers for teachers, this program has students learning about the looming water crisis in a hugely engaging way. And, despite Blue Schools Network’s extensive library of lesson plans, articles, videos and more, it’s all free!”

Joel Westheimer, Professor at the University of Ottawa and Education columnist for CBC Radio

“The Blue Water Schools Network initiative has sparked an interest and passion around water throughout the various grades at our K-8 school. Students as young as Kindergarten are talking about water, the importance of all of us protecting water and how they can make a difference. Our staff found the lessons easy to use, engaging, relevant and thought provoking. We feel honored to be a Blue Water School and to have the opportunity to prepare today’s youth for the challenges around water we will all face in the near future.”

Todd Saunders, Principal, Ottawa, Canada

“I have used a variety of Blue Water Schools Network lessons with my intermediate students this year.  Not only do these lessons complement our learning about Water Systems in Science, but many activities also fit beautifully with the curriculum expectations for Language, Math, Social Studies, and the Arts.  The lessons are thoughtfully designed to be accessible to everyone and there is little advance preparation required for busy teachers.  The resources provided as springboards really got my students thinking about the water crisis and their part in making a difference as responsible citizens on our planet.”

Amy C., Grade 8 Teacher, Ottawa, Canada

“I have started using the Blue Water Schools Network lessons and have found them to be engaging for students, easily accessible, and very useful for teaching the grade 7 Geography curriculum (Ontario). The website is easy to use, and the filters are great for finding the right lesson to match your learning goals, student needs and personal preferences”

David Row, Grade 7 Teacher, Ottawa, Canada