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The Process

We are looking for dynamic, environmentally-forward schools to join the Blue Water Schools Network. Join us in educating today’s students so they can make a difference and help create a Blue Future. To join us, we ask that you agree to our three pledges:

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Three Pledges - Pledge Number One - Blue Schools Network

Educate about water and the need to protect it.

Three Pledges - Pledge Number Two - Blue Schools Network

Educate about the universal human right to clean water.

Three Pledges - Pledge Number Three - Blue Schools Network

Educate about the harm plastics cause to water.

A Blue Water School is comprised of educators and students bringing awareness of the global and local water crises and the need to protect the planet’s dwindling freshwater. In keeping with the official commitments of the United Nations and many governments around the world, a Blue Water School also promotes the rights of everyone, everywhere, to safe, accessible drinking water.

There are many ways for educators to teach about the importance of protecting water.

From arts and history, to science and social studies, language, and math, awareness of our pledges can be taught in all subject areas. Using the Blue Water Schools Network Lesson Plan Resources, educators of all grades and subject areas can promote water awareness and encourage students to become active players in the protection of local water sources.

We also encourage and support partnerships with Water Allies, such as local nature-based and conservation groups (for example local water and river keepers), so that young people can get hands-on experience in understanding the role water plays in the health of our environment and ourselves.

We are a diverse community of educators dedicated to the protection of the planet’s water and promoting the human right to water.

Application to Become a Blue Water School

Blue Water Schools Network supports educators teaching about water and the water crisis, by providing a variety of low prep, ready to use, free, engaging, and age-appropriate lessons across the curriculum for students of all ages.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Blue Water School. As with any important school initiative, the support of a school-based Water Champion educator is a key component of success. We thank you for supporting your colleagues as they educate students about the global water crisis and water justice.

As a Blue Water School, you will pledge to:

  1. Educate about water and how to protect it.
  2. Educate about the universal human right to water.
  3. Educate about the harm plastics cause to water.
Please provide the following information

    Please select which community you serve. *

    Please provide the name of the educator who will oversee this for your school and become your Water Champion.