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Giant Plastic Tap (Introduction)

SUBJECTS Language Arts, Media
GRADE LEVEL Junior (4-6) / Intermediate (7-8) / Senior (9-12)
PLEDGE 3 - Plastic Harm to Water

Resources Needed:

  1. Image of Giant Plastic Tap by Benjamin Von Wong (see bottom of lesson plan)
  2. Background Information for educators:


  1. This lesson works well following the See, Think, Wonder lesson.
  2. If not using the See, Think, Wonder lesson begin by writing the words, Giant Plastic Tap on the board. Ask students, What do you think of when you hear ‘Giant Plastic Tap’? What do you envision? Have students share their thoughts.
  3. Show students the image of the Giant Plastic Tap and elicit how the image is different from what they envisioned.


    1. Tell students, This giant art installation was created by Canadian artist/photographer/activist, Benjamin Von Wong. Have students discuss their thoughts and reactions to the image with a partner or in a small group using the following questions to guide their discussions:
      1. Why do you think Von Wong created this art installation?
      2. What makes this Giant Plastic Tap impactful? What stands out for you? What questions does it elicit for you?
      3. What emotions does this image evoke?
      4. Explain how this image successfully conveys the intended message.
      5. Why would Von Wong include people buried in the plastic at the base of the installment?
      6. Why do you think Von Wong chose this setting? What would be some other impactful settings for the Giant Plastic Tap installation?


Follow Up Activities:

  1. To find out more about the inspiration and process behind the Giant Plastic Tap, watch Three Story Tall Giant Faucet Leaking Plastics Into Different Environments