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Hey, Water! (Introduction)

SUBJECTS Language Arts, Science
GRADE LEVEL Primary (K-3)
PLEDGE 1 - Protection of Water

Resources Needed:

  1. Hey, Water! by Antoinette Portis
  2. Chart paper


  1. Ask students to name all of the places where water can be found. Record their ideas on chart paper.


  1. Read the book, Hey, Water! to students.
  2. After reading the book, revisit the ideas previously collected about places where water can be found, and with the students, complete the list with words found in the book.

Follow Up Activities:

  1. Create a visual dictionary of water words by asking students to pick a word from the list to illustrate. Make sure the students feature the word in bold in their illustration.
  2. Assemble the students’ illustrations alphabetically for display or bind together as a water vocabulary dictionary.