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Ocean Acidification (Consolidation Activity)

GRADE LEVEL Senior (9-12)
PLEDGE 1 - Protection of Water

Resources Needed:

  1. Rosemary Mosco’s Climate Comic on ocean acidification – printable version here (print one per group)
  2. Poster paper or large sheets of kraft paper (one per group)
  3. Gluesticks (if students aren’t expected to have them – one per group)
  4. Different coloured pens or markers


  1. Print enough copies of the comic so you have enough for one per group of 2-3 students. 
  2. Tell students you will be doing an activity to summarize all of their learning at the end of a series of lessons on ocean acidification. 
  3. Put students in groups, hand out the comic, and have them glue it in the middle a big sheet of poster paper.
  4. Give students a few minutes to read the comic.


  1. Have students within a group each use a different coloured pen or marker and write their name on the poster paper in their colour for accountability.
  2. Tell students their task is to annotate the comic using the space around it provided by the poster paper. They must add everything they have learned in an appropriate place in the comic. (For example, they could add the chemical reactions taking place at each step, additional details about the carbon cycle…). Depending on how extensive your unit was, this can take more or less time.
  3. Do a gallery walk once they’re finished and then give students a few minutes to add anything they saw but felt they missed on their own.

Follow Up Activities:

  1. When they’re done, have students add one or two questions they still have about ocean acidification at the bottom of the poster. Have them research their question as homework and start the next lesson by sharing what they’ve discovered.
  2. Together as a class, find out which politician(s) you could write a letter or email to in order to express your concerns, and write to them.