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Plastic Pollution Lifecycle (See, Think, Wonder)

SUBJECTS Geography/History, Language Arts, Science
GRADE LEVEL Junior (4-6) / Intermediate (7-8) / Senior (9-12)
PLEDGE 3 - Plastic Harm to Water

Resources Needed:

  1. Image of Plastic Pollution Lifecycle
  2. Student Response Sheet for each student or small group (see attachment)
  3. See, Think, Wonder Teacher Guide By Project Zero (for lesson background and other teaching possibilities)


  1. Show the image to students without any introduction or background information in order to have them think about the image before responding.


  1. After a minimum of 10 seconds, ask students, What do you see? (Have students discuss what they see in the image with a partner, in a small group, as a class, or individually on paper). Make sure students are only using factual information that can be supported by the image. Have students answer using the stem, “I see…”
  2. Do the same with the question, What do you think? Encourage students to infer based on what they think is happening in the image. Ensure that students support their inferences with justification. Have students answer using the stem, “I think… because…”
  3. Finally, have students answer the question, What do you wonder? Encourage students to share what questions they have based on the image. Have students answer using the stem, “I wonder…”

Follow Up Activities:

  1. Have students write a paragraph or short story based on the image.