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The Earth Book (Drama)

SUBJECTS Drama, Social Studies
GRADE LEVEL Primary (K-3)
PLEDGE 1 - Protection of water

Resources Needed:

  1. The Earth Book by Todd Parr


  1. This lesson is best done following the introductory lesson, The Earth Book (Introduction)
  2. Ask students to think about what they do to help the Earth and to share what they do with a partner. 
  3. Read, The Earth Book by Todd Parr to the class asking the students to,  “Notice the little things the children in the book are doing to make a big difference to help the Earth.”


  1. Tell the class that it is now their turn to demonstrate ways that they help the Earth through acting out short skits. 
  2. Have students work with a partner and think about something ‘little’ that they do which makes a ‘big’ difference and how they can act this out.
  3. Have pairs take turns presenting their short skits of what they do to make a difference for the Earth.
  4. Once everyone has had a turn, ask students to now think about ways they can make a difference saving water. Repeat the activity but this time creating skits that show ways to save water.

Follow Up Activities:

  1. Try this lesson having students mime ways to save water and see if their classmates can guess the water saving tip being acted out.