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The Earth Book (Introduction)

SUBJECTS Language Arts, Media, Social Studies
GRADE LEVEL Primary (K-3)
PLEDGE 1 - Protection of water

Resources Needed:

  1. The Earth Book by Todd Parr


  1. Activate background knowledge with questions about the Earth and why we need to take care of it. 
  2. Ask students what kind of things they do to take care of our planet (you may want to record their ideas for comparison after reading).


  1. Begin reading, The Earth Book to the class, stopping each time you come to “because…” and have students share with a partner why they feel each action is important. Students will enjoy comparing their answers with the ideas in the book as you continue reading.
  2. Read, The Ways I Can Help the Earth poster at the end of the book. Point out that there is only one point made about water, “Save Water.” Challenge students to come up with their own list of “Ten Ways to Save Water.”

Follow Up Activities:

  1. Create a poster of your, “Ten Ways to Save Water.” (Can be done individually or with a partner)
  2. Brainstorm a class list of as many “Ways to Save Water,” and then assign one way to each student which they can then illustrate as a poster. Display all of the ideas for other students to see!
  3. Writing/Journal/Small Group Discussion Prompts: 
    1. “Write or tell how you save water in your home/life.”
    2. “Write or tell what more you can do at home/school to save water?”