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The Story of Bottled Water (Introduction)

SUBJECTS Language Arts, Social Studies
GRADE LEVEL Junior (4-6) / Intermediate (7-8) / Senior (9-12)
PLEDGE 3 - Plastic Harm to Water

Resources Needed:

1. Video: The Story of Bottled Water by The Story of Stuff


  1. Ask students, Where do you think the idea of bottled water came from? Why do we bottle water? How long do you think we have had bottled water? 
  2. You may want to have the class brainstorm/list pros and cons of bottled water.


  1. Show the video The Story of Bottled Water.
  2. Revisit the pros and cons list made prior to watching the video. Ask students, Is there anything that should be added or changed?
  3. Take up as a class discussing the pros and cons and what were the most surprising things they learned.