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Who We Are

The Blue Water Schools Network is a dynamic, innovative and educator-led project promoting education on the importance of water.

When children are given age-appropriate educational resources surrounding water, the water crisis, and what they can do about it immediately, regardless of their age, they will grow up developing the knowledge and tools needed to be the guardians of our planet’s precious waters.

Three pledges were developed to guide this important learning. To become a Blue Water School, a school must take three pledges to:

  • educate about water and the need to protect it
  • educate about the universal human right to water
  • educate about the harm plastics cause to water

How We Work

Educators and parents often shy away from teaching about the climate and water crises until students are older, because they feel students are not ready to confront these challenging topics. There is also the growing awareness of climate-anxiety in students. This is a real concern. Children are heavily exposed to media and are continuously faced with news and images of the consequences of the climate and water crises. Many of them also experience it firsthand. Learning about this reality is unavoidable, and addressing it head on serves students best.

Young people need a safe place to share their concerns and become educated on why there is a water crisis and what they can do to help. Giving students hope and allowing them to be part of the solution is key to helping them avoid, address,  and overcome their anxiety around the climate and water crises.

Blue Water Schools Network is intent on being part of the solution. We are a non-profit organization and our goal is to support educators in their teaching around water and the water crisis by providing a variety of free, engaging, and low prep lessons across the curriculum for students of all ages. We want to start discussions about water with students across Canada and around the world today in order to lay the foundation for them to become the changemakers and caretakers of tomorrow.

We envision a generation empowered to protect water for people and the planet.