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There are many great websites to support learning around water – for you and your students! We are actively compiling them so you don’t have to go searching yourself. Check out some of the websites below which will support you in becoming a Blue Water School. Keep checking back as we will be adding more water allies to the list!


Calculate your water footprint

Find out just how much water you use with this online water calculator that includes your tap water use and the ‘virtual water’ used to produce your food, electricity, gas and home goods. Also includes educational resources and news articles focused on water.

Water Use It Wisely

Find water conservation tips, games, activities, educational resources and more on this website geared towards kids.

Saving Water: Every Drop Counts Quiz

A quick quiz to test your knowledge about how to save water in your home (Australian).

Water Docs at School

From Learning for a Sustainable Future organization, WDaS, is a free, curriculum-connected community action program that actively engages ON, NB and MB grade 7-8 students in addressing water issues.

Region of Waterloo

The Region of Waterloo in Ontario has compiled a variety of free teaching resources that educate all about water including topics such as: the water cycle, watersheds, ground water aquifers and wells, the Great Lakes, taking care of water and lots more. There are plenty of engaging videos, games and activities for a variety of age groups.


The Blue Communities Project

The Blue Communities Project provides communities with the tools to fight the privatization of water and promote the human right to water.

Eau Secours

This organization promotes the protection and responsible management of water in respect to environmental health, equity, accessibility for all in the province of Quebec. Eau Secours’ Écoles bleues certification program can be found at:

The Great Lakes: A Time of Reckoning

Blue Bayfield’s interactive story of the Great Lakes, the threat of human behaviour on the lakes, and how we can take action to protect these lakes. Find out more about Blue Bayfield here:

United Nations: the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation

The human rights issues of access to water and sanitation are explained, including what governments need to do to ensure all people everywhere have access.

Environmental Defence

For over 35 years, Environmental Defence has worked at the municipal, provincial and federal level to safeguard our freshwater, create livable communities, decrease Canadians’ exposure to toxic chemicals, end plastic pollution, tackle climate change and build a clean economy.

Keepers of the Water

Keepers of the Water are First Nations, Métis, Inuit, environmental groups, concerned citizens, and communities working together for the protection of water, air, land, and all living things within the Arctic Ocean Drainage Basin.

Friends of the Gatineau River

FOG is a volunteer-based organization working with residents, the business community,
and governmental partners to protect and improve the Gatineau River for future generations.

Safe Drinking Water Foundation

SDWF’s primary purpose is to educate community leaders, politicians, engineers, health officials, students and the general public about drinking water quality issues and solutions.

Ottawa River Keepers

This organization is a champion and collective voice for the Ottawa River watershed, providing leadership and inspiration to protect, promote and improve its ecological health and future.

Aqua Action

An organization whose mission is to restore the health of fresh water in North America. Here you will find relevant information about the crisis as well as inspiration for actions you could take.