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Blue Floats Away (Introduction)

SUBJECTS Language Arts, Science
GRADE LEVEL Primary (K-3)
PLEDGE 1 - Protection of Water

Resources Needed:

  1. Blue Floats Away by Travis Jonker


  1. Begin by reviewing or pre-teaching the following vocabulary: evaporate, condense, transform (students may bring up the water cycle, if not, you may want to introduce the 3 states of water).


  1. Share the cover of the book and ask students to predict what the story is about and to tell why they think so. Ask, Who is Blue?Explain your thinking. What does ‘blue’ make you think of? (i.e., water, sad)
  2. Read, Blue Floats Away, including author’s note at end.
  3. After reading the book, ask the following questions:
  • What do you think caused Blue to suddenly get smaller and then disappear? What do you think will happen to him?
  • How did Blue change during his journey? (discuss states of water/water cycle)
  • What do you think caused Blue to break away from his family in the first place.

4. Revisit  the concept of ‘climate change’ (discussed briefly in author’s note) and how the weather on Earth is getting warmer and is causing polar ice to melt.

Follow Up Activities:

  1. Brainstorm other things that we can all do to help (continuing from author’s note).
  2. Explore the states of water with a water table (ice cubes floating in water, boil kettle to create steam).