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The Water Princess (Drama)

SUBJECTS Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts
GRADE LEVEL Primary (K-3) / Junior (4-6) / Intermediate (7-8)
PLEDGE 2 - Human Right to Water

Resources Needed:

  1. The Water Princess by Susan Verde or Video: The Water Princess Read by Georgie Badiel
  2. Adapted Script of The Water Princess by Carole Hay (copy for each student).  See attachment below.


  1. Read The Water Princess aloud to the class (or show the video reading).
  2. With students sitting in a circle, hand out scripts. Circle read by having each student read the next line of dialogue. Teacher reads stage directions.


  1. Divide students into small groups (cast adult and child roles).
  2. Groups practice and then perform for other groups.


  1. Select music (i.e., African instrumental folk music) that could play during performance. Depending on ability level, this could be done by students as part of a Music activity.
  2. Prepare creative movement sequences. Depending on ability level, this could be choreographed by students as part of a Dance activity.
  3. Create backdrops for set. Depending on ability level, this could be done by students as part of a Visual Arts activity.
  4. Add costumes and props.
  5. All of the above can be adapted for younger students with more teacher direction and adapted for older students by allowing them to take ownership in creating and/or choosing the various layers (music, choreography, sets, costumes, props, etc.).
  6. This lesson could be done as simply as a circle read aloud in one period, small group readings or performances in class, or developed into a more polished performance for other classes, parents, a school assembly, or for a Water Day celebration.

Follow Up Activities: