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Water Heroes (Introduction)

SUBJECTS Language Arts, Media, Visual Arts
GRADE LEVEL Primary (K-3) / Junior (4-6)
PLEDGE 1 - Protection of Water

Resources Needed:

  1. Link to Climate Heroes by Rosemary Mosco (or print out attachment for example)
  2. Paper for self-portraits and art supplies for chosen medium (paint, crayons, markers, coloured pencils, etc.)


  1. Write the words, Climate Change Hero on the board.
  2. Ask students, What do you think a Climate Change Hero is?  What makes someone a Climate Change Hero?  Do you know of any Climate Change Heroes?


1. Show students the image/poster of Rosemary Mosco’s Climate Change Heroes and read through the first few examples asking students what they notice.  Who are these people?  Have you heard of them before?  What kinds of things are they doing that make them ‘heroes’?  Why do you think the author/artist chose these people?  Why did they only include first names?

2. Draw students’ attention to the bio/description under each person.  Notice that there are two distinct parts to each person’s description.  How are these parts different?  Why do you think the author/artist included the last line for each person?  Point out, After looking at the examples on the poster, it’s clear that these people do their part to fight against climate change, but that’s not the only focus in their lives.

3. Have students create self-portraits similar to the example.

4. Tell students, Now we’re going to focus on what it means to be an everyday Water Hero.  List the ways that you help and protect water in your daily lives, but also list something interesting about you that others may not know.  Add students’ write up below their self-portraits.


Follow Up Activities:

  1. Display finished portraits and write ups on a bulletin board and have students add to their write ups as they do more actions as Water Heroes.